Prestige Wine & Spirits Custom Seals & Medallions

The Prestige® Seal Division of Stoffel Seals Corporation specializes in creating distinctive Brand Identification Programs for the Wine and Spirits Industry . Our Custom Wax-Like Seals, Metal Seals and Medallions are guaranteed to capture the attention of wine & spirit shoppers.

Distinguish your products and create a commanding presence on the retail shelf with our Prestige® Wine and Spirits Faux Wax Seals, Metal Seals and Medallions. We are confident that our Prestige® Brand Identification Programs will intrigue wine and spirit shoppers and drive sales!

Choose from our decorative seal line of
standard shapes and sizes or work with a Stoffel Seal Expert in creating the ideal package enhancement that will reflect your unique brand image.

View our product lines below and select one or several branding enhancements that motivate consumers to purchase your product.

  • Metal – Pewter, Aluminum Stamped and Cast Metal
  • Faux Wax Seals & Medallions – Non-Stick and Self-Adhesive Wax-like Seals and Medallions

  • To place an order, please call:
    1 800 345-3503.


Prestige® Seals
Metal, Wax-Like Seals & Medallions
exclusively for the Wine & Spirits Industry

Communicate your brand image with Prestige® Seals